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     We are proud to bring you the most luxuriously healthy products made in the Americas and Alpaca- made International.  Our American and Peruvian partnership along with Irish craftsmen has linked its talents in true textile artistry.  Hand-appliqued, and Hand-crafted products made with superior quality and craftsmanship goes into every Alpaca product. 

An Elegant Alpaca Fashion line of luxurious products like you've never experienced comes from our Peruvian Link, and International Artisans, while our Alpaca Pillows, Bedding, and Blankets are all American-made with American Alpaca!  

Alpaca is the rarest luxury fiber in the world with less than 3 million Alpacas world-wide and 94% of those living in the wild herds of South America.  And while the USA holds less than 200,000 of these precious creatures, American Alpaca farms are working diligently to encourage and produce American made Alpaca textiles.  Because of the  luxurious properties of Alpaca, and its enduring strength, Alpaca is the most sought-after of all the natural textiles in the world.  

Here, at the Pachmana Alpaca Shoppe, we work hard to bring you these fabulous Alpaca products, because we are not just the makers of fine American Alpaca products, we are also breeders of American Alpaca!

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